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White Swan Reversed Mint Decoupage Paper

White Swan Reversed Mint Decoupage Paper

Now you can mirror image your pieces!!

Use this image alone or in conjunction with its original image (facing the opposite direction) to create all of those special pieces you’ve been dreaming of. Mirror image your cabinet doors, run them one end to another – the possibilities are now endless!

MINT decoupage papers are designed especially with furniture art and refurbishment in mind.

The optimum paper size, gsm and print have all been painstakingly curated by Michelle, owner of MINT, and is a culmination of years of working with decoupage papers, and refurbishing furniture with individuality, style and artistic scope in mind. The MINT decoupage papers are made and manufactured in Geelong, Australia.

White Swan comes in the Large A1 size - 24" x 33" as well as the Small A3 size - 11" x17".

See how to apply these beautiful papers here...


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