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High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat GLOSS

High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat GLOSS

Winner of Fine Woodworking's "Best Overall Choice Award," High Performance Topcoat was voted as the hardest, most durable consumer polyurethane topcoat. It is so versatile, it can be brushed or sprayed. Water based. Interior.

Available in quart or pint size.

High Performance Poly is a unique Hybrid of urethane and acrylic technology. The specialized urethane modification provides superior toughness, durability, and water resistance necessary for high wear surfaces such as tables and cabinets. It is stabilized with UV absorbers to maximize its performance and afford protection to the stains, paints, and wood underneath. High Performance is a fast drying, low odor, non-flammable alternative to conventional lacquers. It is suitable for interior woodwork, case goods, furniture, and cabinets -- and also works great over Chalk Paint!

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